Old News:
Tue Oct  3 00:48:43 EDT 2000 Starting to get used to this college thing, so I have more time to restart some work on BFBTester. Created a SourceForge project page for mailing lists and a CVS server. This will still be the mainpage for BFBTester however.
Thu Jul 20 19:39:57 EDT 2000 David Wheeler and one unidentified individual have located the problem with respect to Linux. Unlike threads in FreeBSD and Solaris, in LinuxThreads each thread is run like an individual process. BFBTester will fork() each executable test process in one thread and waitpid()s in a different thread. However, in the case of Linux the child processes are not owned by the waitpid()ing thread, so we are unable to get status information. The fix for this problem is to restructure the code so we can fork() and wait() in the same process, however, due to lack of time I won't be able to fix this in the near future. A fix will be made available at a later date.
Sun Jul  9 23:40:15 EDT 2000 Changed to the autoconf/automake system, which allows for better detection of OS/architecture's. Now have support for Solaris, thanks to Bill Marquette. Changed license to the GPL.
Sat Jul  1 01:30:23 EDT 2000 Added new devel snapshot, should compile on RedHat 6.2, however there is a problem with wait()-ing on executables that make it unusable, possibly someone knows a fix for this? (email me for details). Removed all dependency on FreeBSD's <sys/queue.h> so should be easier to build on other platforms. Added license.
6/28/2000 Initial release of 2.0-BETA.